Verboten brews Colorado’s first Brut IPA

The title of ‘Champagne of Beers’ has found a new home at Verboten Brewing Company in Loveland.  Somebody to Love Brut IPA was released on April 27.


Hailing from select breweries in San Francisco, the Brut IPA concept has been adopted for the first time in Colorado by Brewer Josh Grenz. This new method aims at producing a very dry, and high ABV IPA, with ultra-low remaining sugar content.


Harnessing the power of Amylo-300, a naturally derived amyloglucosidase enzyme, Grenz and crew are able to efficiently feed the fermentation process, resulting in a zero-gravity beer, with a dry, effervescent after-taste.  Despite its solid 7.5 % ABV, Somebody to Love IPA starts incredibly smooth, with major fruit and citrus notes.  Owing to the Galaxy, Azaca, and Hallertau Blanc hops used, significant wine, passionfruit, grapefruit, and grape characters are achieved. Although massively hopped, bitterness is surprisingly low. Perfectly carbonated, you can pop open a bottle and head to a champagne brunch.


This brewery is no stranger to forging into uncharted brewing territory.  Living up to its namesake, Verboten enjoys the creation of beers whose ingredients would make a traditional Bavarian brewer pass out. Mustard Pretzel beer anyone? Most definitely. The clever concoction will transport you straight to Coors Field, and actually pairs well with a hot dog. Mustard seed and mustard liquor normally don’t find themselves in a beer, but add a pinch of salt and this oddity is a unique yet approachable beer.


Are you a non-sour beer drinker, but want to fit in with the cool kids? Try the Blueberry Gose. As a staunch member of team Imperial IPA, this gose was the first I wanted two of.  Not overwhelmingly sour, and surprisingly tasted like a mid 90’s blue Otter Pop. If you are looking for innovative, fun, and cutting-edge beers, Verboten is your place, don’t miss them this summer!

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