Longs Peak beer glasses available on Kickstarter

Flux Studios Long Peak glass

You may have hiked it, gazed at it towering over Estes Park, or Northern Colorado, but chances are you’ve never seen Longs Peak like this. 


You can now take home one of Colorado’s most iconic fourteeners in a handmade 12 or 16 oz drinking glass, thanks to Denver’s Flux Studios.  The bottom of the glass features a three-dimensional Longs Peak. 


Artists Cortney Boyd and Nate Steinbrink came up with the concept of Longs Peak in a glass five years ago, when they started dreaming of opening a community glass studio. The concept of the glass was easy but developing it into a tangible product took years of research and many prototypes.


“Being from Fort Collins, Longs Peak and Rocky Mountain National Park have always held a special place in my heart,” said Boyd, one of Flux Studio’s co-owners.  “We wanted a way to connect the majestic look and feel of the Rocky Mountains into glassware. Nate designed several prototypes of the glass until we had just the right proportions and functionality.”


The process of making the Longs Peak drinkware combines the latest computer technology with traditional glassblowing techniques. The three-dimensional Longs Peak in the bottom of the glass is generated from USGS topographical data converted into a computer form that is then 3D printed. From the 3D model a mold for glassblowing is created and used for each of the Longs Peak glasses.


The handmade nature of producing the Longs Peak Drinkware means there will be a limited number of the glasses available. You can pre-order now on their Kickstarter page starting at $35 early bird pricing and receive locally made and inspired drinkware while supporting community development and enrichment.

Justinian Hatfield is the editor of Milehighbeer.com

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