Don’t miss Intrepid Sojourner’s first anniversary party

Intrepid Sojourner Rum Barrel Aged Imperial Turkish Coffee Stout

May 19 is the final day of The Intrepid Sojourner Beer Project anniversary week, so come check out their festive first anniversary party. It’s 11 a.m. to midnight on Saturday, May 19, and there’ll be a beer garden, live music, the Barbed Wire Reef food truck, bottle releases, firkin tapping, the launch of their beer club, and special flights – don’t miss it! They’re happy to have you hang out even if you’ve already been in daily since May 14 to try each beer release they’ve offered this week.


Monday, May 14 started the bottle releases week with the most amazing stout I’ve ever had the pleasure of drinking. This Rum Barrel Aged Imperial Turkish Coffee Stout was dangerously delicious, and 11.5% ABV. You can smell the rum and taste the Turkish coffee. It’s packed with ground Turkish coffee, so it reminds me of sipping on Turkish coffee with my friends in their living room. 


The head brewer, Andrew Moore, did digs in Turkey (among other places) while he majored in archaeology. He got into home brewing and combined his interests when he made the Turkish Coffee Stout. Then he took it a step further when he created this new Rum Barrel Aged Imperial Turkish Coffee Stout. The incredible imperial beer is accentuated by organic green cardamom pods, along with cubeb berries and blade mace.


The laidback atmosphere, jovial attitudes of the staff, and beautiful wooden finishing touches in the taproom will make you want to stay and try more beer. The cool maps spread throughout the room will help you feel like you’re taking a journey throughout the world. And that journey starts with beer.


Tuesday, May 15’s bottle release was the World Beer Cup silver-winning Smoked Hickory Peach Wee Heavy beer. This delightful beer was brewed in the fall, then it stayed in kegs until May, which allowed the hickory and peach to join forces in a beautiful, tasty blend. Co-founders Andrew Moore and Ben Gettinger are from Indiana and they brought their shagbark hickory bark from their roots of southern Indiana. “Shagbark only grows east of the Mississippi,” Andrew said. They then collected 100 pounds of Palisade (Colorado) peaches to fuse their old world with their new.


Andrew roasted peaches with maple syrup, which allowed the sweet softness of the peach flavor to present itself in each sip. This beer can be enjoyed anywhere and it’s 9.6% ABV. Andrew says it’s good anytime, though “it’s definitely a fall beer.”


The last three beers released this week were Imperial Basil IPA, Belgian Quad, and Imperial Sahti. At 11% ABV, 12.5% ABV, and 9.3% ABV, respectively, these bottle releases all offer great flavor and they won’t last long. Make sure to try them and a couple of their classic beers on tap.


What are a couple of their other awesome beer options? Lavender Tripel is 9.6% ABV and seems lighter than it truly is because of the scrumptious lavender you want to soak up every time you take a sip. The Chamomile Hefe-Witis 6.3% ABV and tastes like your favorite chamomile tea with orange and coriander. Surprisingly noticeable, the orange peel creeps into your taste buds like the perfect bite of orange on a nice day.


Enjoy one or all of their beersand have fun at their anniversary party!

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