Brut Li: A Real Champagne of Beer

fermaentra brut li ipa

A new trend is emerging in the world of craft brews. An uptick in the blending of different styles of libations has reached Denver, and Fermaentra Brewery and Taproom, located at 1715 East Evans Ave., is getting in on the action.


Their newest release, a brut IPA cleverly titled “Brut Li,” is styled after the dry champagne we’re all familiar with come New Year’s Eve. The brewers combined Citra and Idaho 7 hops to create this light, crisp, and refreshing brew that surprisingly packs a punch at 7.1% abv.


I walked into the taproom on a Monday afternoon after a day of work out in the sun on one of Denver’s first 80+ degree days and sat down at the bar. Knowing I was going to be drinking an IPA I mentally prepared myself for the blast of hops, the strong aromas and the slightly heavy quality of those particular brews.


I ordered my Brut Li and when it arrived the first thing I noticed was the color. It was very light, transparent, and had very minimal head. The next thing I noticed was the mild aromas – they were almost imperceptible other than the slight floral accents you’d expect, although much subdued. Finally I took my first sip. I was blown away by the refreshing and crisp taste. The citra hops added the perfect hint of fruity characteristics while the Idaho 7 came through with hints of pine and a light bitterness that finished slightly dry, very similar to the champagne after which this beer is styled.


I don’t normally go for IPA’s on hot days when I’ve been working outside, but this beer was exactly right for the occasion. It quenched my body’s need for a cold refreshing beverage while also quenching my mind’s need for a slight buzz.


If you’re a fan of the kick you get from an IPA but have a mind to try something a little different, and a little lighter, I would highly recommend heading over to Faermentra Brewery and Taproom the next time you get a chance. Brut Li will be waiting for you.

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